Cementitious Based Projects

Some examples of Cementitious based projects and experiences are highlighted below:.

Our Major Projects

Development of PFA based concrete with Supermix Concrete, Malaysia.

Supermix was one of the first companies in Malaysia to develop fly ash based concrete for mass pours and to improve flow and pumpability.

Establishment of ScotAsh - Joint Venture between Blue Circle Industries and ScottishPower.

ScotAsh is a rare example of a joint venture between a Utility and a Cement Manufacturer. ScotAsh was the first plant outside of the USA to install STI carbon separation ensure quality of the fly ash. A sophisticated blending and packing plant has allowed ScotAsh to cater for a wide range of markets including the oil sector and waste stabilisation. ScotAsh has won many environmental awards including The Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2005 and Queen’s Award for the Sustainable Development” in 2008.

Development of fly ash based cements and grouts.

Fly ash based cements were produced for both the ready mix and packed product markets. Fly ash can help improve durability, flow and workability of concretes and mortars.

Evaluation and installation of fly ash storage and packing technologies.

In the case of fly ash, it is rare that there is adequate storage within the supply chain to accommodate fluctuations in supply and demand. This places a premium on seeking low cost storage options. Projects in Africa and the Middle East often require fly ash as or ground slag supplied in jumbo bags using containers.

Sourcing and trading of fly ash, slag and silica fume in Euromed, Middle East, India and Japan.

Increasing demand for cementitious materials has led to a significant growth in the trading of fly ash and slag. Costly mistakes can be made if there is not a good appreciation of where all the risks lie within the supply chain. The dynamics are very different to the trading of manufactured products such as cement and clinker.

Chemical and physical evaluation of fly ash and slag.

It is critical to have a good understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of fly ash and slag before committing to long term contracts or for the supply to major projects. There is also a significant growth in Circulating Fluidised Bed Power Stations where the ash can have significantly different properties which may mean the ashes are more suitable for waste stabilisation rather than cement applications.