Cementitious Solutions
  • Cementitious Experience
    Joint ventures and partnerships with Power Stations
    Beneficiation technologies including carbon and ammonia removal
    Total ash management
    Trading Cementitious materials
    Logistics and Shipping
    Blending technologies and Product Development
    Slag & Ash Analysis
  • Tapping the Blast Furnace for Slag
  • Granulation of Blast Furnace Slag
  • Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
  • Analysis of Granulated Slag
  • Bulk Storage of Fly Ash,
    Lafarge Poland
  • STI Electrostatic Separator for
    Ash and Minerals Processing

Cementitious Solutions

Expertise in value added sustainable products (based on fly ash and slag)

Cementitious Solutions has been established to provide a service to organisations associated with the building materials sector and seeking to explore more environmentally acceptable or value added strategies for their products. Organisations may include cement manufacturers and cement users together with suppliers of cementitious materials such as steel plants and coal fired power stations.

Cementitious Solutions can also advise large contractors and civil engineers on potential sources of ash, slag and silica fume for large infrastructure projects such as dams, ports, roads, rail water and chemical treatment plants.

Our Services

Sourcing & Trading

Sourcing and trading of cementitious materials such as Power station fly ash (PFA), Granulated and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS and GGBFS) and Silica Fume.

Cement & Concrete

Analysis of ash and slag for suitability in cements or as an addition in concrete. This can also include analysis of ash from Combustion Fluidised Bed (CFB) power stations.

Strategic & Commercial Analysis

Strategic and commercial analysis for the development of blended cements, grouts and stabilisation materials incorporating fly ash or slag.

Blending technologies

Blending technologies for cementitious products based at cement plants, power stations or terminals.

Beneficiation technologies

Beneficiation processes for fly ash including STET technologies for carbon and ammonia removal and classification. STEQ


Analysis of cementitious materials (blast furnace slag; steel slag; bottom ash; fly ash) for use in both aggregates and lightweight aggregates.