Featured Project: CelticAsh

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Investment partnership between RWEnpower and Lafarge.

Strategic considerations:

  • To minimise ash landfill through the development of cementitious markets for fly ash
  • To ensure a reliable supply of quality fly ash to the cement and concrete sector
  • To allow Lafarge to develop more sustainable cements in Wales with a low carbon footprint
  • To maximise use of existing infrastructure to supply standalone processing facility


Jointly financed by RWEnpower and Lafarge, included the installation of a STI Separator for carbon removal, installation of a patented STI ammonia removal process, facilities for returning high carbon ash to the coal conveyor for re-burning, 10kt flat storage for low and high carbon ash output from the STI Separator, scrubber for the ammonia.


Carbon and ammonia removal exceeded all initial project expectations. Resulting low carbon ash allowed Lafarge to develop ash based cements for sale in South Wales and South West England. RWE benefited from reduced landfill and calorific input from the high carbon ash .