Cementitious Product Services

It is critical to have a good understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of fly ash and slag before committing to contracts or capital investment.

Blast Furnace Slag (BFS). Supplied in granular form to grinding mills (GBFS) or as a finished ground product (GGBFS). In the case of GGBFS, slag can be transported in big bags or bulk. Both Blast Furnace and Steel slag can be used as an aggregate though Steel Slag may only be used if it meets certain conditions and has been subjected to extensive testing. View More

Services include: Sourcing Opportunities. Chemical analysis. Marketing options. Optimising value.

A by-product of pulverised coal fired power stations. It can be used as a raw material to produce cement clinker or as a blended cement addition. Fly Ash can also be used in a number of other non cementitious applications such as road bases, lightweight aggregates and stabilisation material.

There is also a significant growth in Combustion Fluidised Bed Power Stations where the ash may have significantly different properties. This may mean the ashes are more suitable for waste stabilisation rather than cement applications. View More

Services include: Sourcing Opportunities. Chemical and physical analysis. Processing technologies for carbon and ammonia removal. Classification. Designs for storage, handling, blending and packing in jumbo bags. Market analysis for cementitious and non cementitious applications. Customer and supplier support. Joint ventures/long term partnerships.

Conditioned Fly Ash is ash stabilised with water - typically 15% to 25%. Water makes the ash easier to handle and to transport in tipper trucks. Typical uses include fill, road sub base materials and as a raw feed for cement clinker manufacture. Can be subsequently dried for blending with cements. View More

Services include: Chemical and physical analysis. Evaluation of “mining” lagoons or landfill sites for use in cement. Market analysis for use in non cementitious applications and as a lightweight aggregate.

Sometimes referred to as Furnace Bottom Ash (FBA) or Boiler Slag. Bottom Ash can be used as a raw material for cement clinker manufacture together with a variety of applications such as a light weight aggregate or used as a drainage material. View More

Services include: Sourcing Opportunities. Chemical and physical analysis. Marketing options.

Also referred to as Micro Silica. It is mainly used as a specialist concrete addition or in the manufacture of refractories. View More

Services include: Sourcing opportunities.